About Us

The beginning, simple and modest, starts with a group of friends, passionate and cannabis lovers, who enjoy in harmony trying out all kind of varieties, as well as growing and studying in deep this beautiful plant that Nature has given away to Humanity.
As years went by, we personally started to collect and get seeds of high purity varieties “in many ways” throughout the five continents with which we started to experience, and to create new and improved varieties with the aim of satisfying our increasingly exquisite preferences regarding high quality cannabis.
Years went on and we started to work together with other professional Breeders of the sector to set and optimize our own genetic varieties.
An enormously laborious work of genetic engineering during many years of testing where it is worth to highlight the great achievements accomplished by our team with a great effort, sacrifice and dedication which has made possible that we could give our most precious achievements to all kind of customers according to their personal preferences and necessities.
Essentially, for us, it is a dream came true.
Nowadays all the entire “SSB” team continues working restlessly trying to make it better day after day and keep improving and developing new and improved cannabis varieties.
Our main goal is to stand apart in our sector by our high quality product as well as by our high quality premium package hoping that all follower and cannabis lover will recognize the laborious and hard work hidden behind this dream come true.

“CBD” selection

It should be noticed our faithful commitment with the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis more and more widespread throughout the world due to its so beneficial characteristics and relevant results in a large number of diseases, pathologies and all kind of chronic and specific ailments, as shown by the different thesis and studies carried out by teams of professional scientists from the most outstanding universities, at the same time as foundations and medical-therapeutic institutes in laboratories and hospitals from the most developed countries around the world. Many of these scientists consider CBD as one of the most important cannabinoids” discovered up to date and that it will have a huge positive impact in contemporary medicine.
That is why we have made a great job of genetic engineering with the help of our most experienced breeders. Our varieties were subjected to a rigorous study and a genetic selection to enhance and achieve plants very rich in Cannabidiol “CBD”, keeping a %THC “psychoactive effect” as low as possible. Nowadays the entire “SSB” team continues working restlessly trying to make it better day after day and keep improving and developing new and improved “CBD” cannabis varieties intended for therapeutic-medical use.
We would like to highlight that, from the organization of Sumerian Seed Bank, we are considering several possibilities of working together with different institutions in the field of research for the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis. Very important and rooted in our main idea since the beginning of the project is our commitment to solidarity contribution in the social field with foundations and institutions that are responsible for helping patients and their families, especially the needy.


Sumerian Seeds Bank is committed to the environment. One of our main goals is to work and live in harmony with our planet, caring and respecting Nature to the fullest.
With the natural resources that are at our disposal and always preserving the sustainable use of these, we have opted for an innovative and revolutionary package optimized for the conservation and transport of the product in the best conditions and at the same time being totally ecological.
A package wholly made with biodegradable materials and at the same time easy to use. A very important part is that first of all we think of the client so that he has the option of getting the most out of the package set, which can be reused for various possibilities.
The package set contains:

  • A glass vial, cotton inner padding, with its cork cap and sealed with wax.
  • Padded interior of the box with wood shavings.
  • Card features and courtesy sticker, both printed in recycled paper.
  • Pine wood box with double inside compartment and sliding lid with thermos-engraved logo.
  • Security seal printed in recycled paper.

The reason for Sumerian Seeds Bank brand:

The founders and members of Sumerian Seeds Bank, from the very beginning, have been inspired by an ancient and very advanced civilization. A civilization lost in time, also hidden or transformed into a myth by some.
The lost history of the oldest civilization. Under the sand, in the zone of Mesopotamia, lie the vestiges of great cities, temples and monuments. This civilization developed a complex cuneiform structure so it is known that it was in possession of an advanced cosmology and mathematics along with the mastery of other amazingly advanced sciences for those distant times. More than 6000 years ago, in ancient Sumerian, they not only knew the composition and formation of our Solar System but also possessed a precise cosmogony, which had been detailed by numerous writings, as they relate exposing the events of imponderable celestial cataclysms happened hundreds of millions of years ago that led to the creation of our solar system as we know it today. According to the names they label the “celestial gods” (the planets), we rely on that “Epic of the Creation” to name our valued creations of varieties cannabis genetics, as great historians have decoded in the ancient and fascinating text written in seven clay tablets called “Enuma Elish”, The Epic of Creation.

  • “Apsu”. (The Sun, the one that existed from the beginning)
  • “Mummu” (Mercury, Counselor and emissary of Apsu)
  • “Lahamu” (Venus, The Lady of Battles)
  • “Tiamat”. (The maiden who gave her life, from whom later will lead to the creation of the planet K, the Earth).
  • “Kingu” (Moon. One of the satellites of Tiamat)
  • “Kishar” (Jupiter. The first of the firm lands)
  • “Anshar” (Saturn. The first of the Heavens)
  • “Gaga” (Pluto, Counselor and emissary of Anshar)
  • “Anu”. (Uranus. The one in the Heavens)
  • “EA/Nudimmud”.( Neptune, the ingenuous cretor)
  • “Nibiru/Marduk” (The crossing planet)


It should be noted and greatly appreciated the whole team that makes up Sumerian Seeds Bank.
Nothing would be possible without the people responsible in each department and the companies that have cooperated and cooperate directly with us in all areas, mainly:

Legal Department

Department of Research and Genetic Development

Department of Creative Design and Packaging Design

Web Department

Social Media Marketing Department

Collaborating Companies: Packaging, Printing